E7: Barbara Iyayi: Queen & Pioneer Member Of Africa’s First SPAC Now Leads Unicorn Growth Capital

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This week, #VTWAfrica on episode 7 we sit down with Barbara Iyayi, partner at Unicorn Growth Capital to take an up close look at SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) in Africa & the opportunity for growth capital in African startups.

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As a scion of a great African banking family, we cover the start of her career as an investment banker at JP Morgan in NYC to being founding member on Atlas Mara, Africa’s first SPAC which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and her unique experience structuring a landmark portfolio of banking companies across Africa to the launch of Unicorn Growth Capital.

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Next week, on #VTWAfrica episode 8 we check-in with Lexi Novitske, partner at Acuity Venture Partners, pre-seed stage Nigerian based firm, who has become one of the most sought after early stage investors on the continent. She shares how she started her career in the US at a hedge fund and transitioned from the African top tier private equity firm, Verod Capital to developing an early stage portfolio as the principal investor of an African family office to spinning that portfolio out to launch Acuity.