Chika Nwobi - King of African Digital Distribution on IPOs, Angel Investing & the Future of Distributed Work

Decision Making in the Open Inspires Confidence in Stakeholders

In episode 2 of the VTW Africa season, we have @ChikaNwobi as our guest. 

He is the CEO of Decagon, a distributed work software development & training firm with the mission of propelling Nigeria to become a top 10 technology service exporter in the next 10 years. His ambitions often prove out, as he’s transformed Africa’s tech landscape over the past 20 years, with 3 exits in an IPO on Nigeria’s stock exchange with MTech Communications PLC, angel investments in Africa's largest classified portals Jobberman Nigeria & Cheki Nigeria.

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Next week, #VTWAfrica episode 3 digs in with Cherae Robinson, CEO of Tastemakers Africa, a travel experience platform that has led the Black travel movement and also modernized the tourism technology industry in Africa. Fresh off the highs, of raising over $1M in venture funding and spearheading Ghana’s 2019 Year of the Return tourism campaign - we talk about their 2020 pivot to an online community through their viral virtual conference #TheThread.